Volunteer Requirements and Expectations

While we are confident that students of all ages could be great volunteers, we require all volunteers to be at least 16 years old. Since we are working with a population under immense distress, we will screen all volunteers. We hold the right to refuse any student the priveledge of volunteering.

Since we allow volunteers to determine their availablity and how often they would like to visit, we hold our volunteers to the highest of standards. Visits must be 30 minutes. The seniors that we are working with deserve the best experience possible. Therefore, if a volutneer must discontinue their volunteering, then they must provide Create Circles at least a weeks notice.

Create Circles understands that volunteers not only want to help the world, but also benefit from the work that we do. We allow all volunteers to use the projects that the develop with their older adult for future endeavors. Additioanlly, depending on the quality of work volunteers produce and how much the older adult benefits from experience, we will also write letters of support for volunteers .

Get Trained and Start Immediately

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely isolated our elderly loved ones. We must do whatever we can to help bring the humanity back during these dire circumstances.

Step 1

Fill out this form below. It will allow us to add you to the system so that you can begin volunteering soon!

Step 2

Watch the training video modules on Skillshare! It should be quick and packed with info!


Step 3

Wait for an email with more information. Thank you so much! Hang tight and stay safe!